Patriotic Eagle SC Graph, Word Chart, Patriotic Eagle Afghan


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Thank you for considering our Patriotic Eagle Single Crochet (SC) crochet graph and instructions. All of our sc graph patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes a full size graph, a graph scaled down to print on one page, and a written row by word chart that is read left to right. So whether you prefer to work from a graph or hate the counting and like it written out, this pattern has both.

This pattern is also available in Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss) format in a separate listing. TSS is worked right to left for each row and SC is worked back and forth (because you flip your work after each row) so the word charts are different for TSS and SC so please make sure you’re ordering the format that you want.

If you would like the TSS graph and word chart:

If you need assistance with understanding part of the pattern, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

You may keep, give away or sell any items you make from our patterns but we do ask that you don't share any of our paid patterns.

Thank you and Happy Crocheting!

What you need for the Patriotic Eagle afghan in Single Crochet:
• Medium Worsted Weight #4: White 1001yds, Black 565yds, Navy 311yds, Red 301yds, Yellow 89yds, Gray 80yds and Gold 28yds
• Hook = size J
• Yarn Needle
• Yarn Bobbins

Size: 60” x 45”
Gauge: 10 Rows = 3”
Blocks: 200 x 150


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Patterns are non-refundable. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the pattern or graph. Feel free to email us at


We do take requests for graphs you would like to see. Our graphs are not computer generated but rather drawn on graph paper most times, then put into Excel and colored and a word chart typed out. Each complete pattern takes about 8 hours total from start to finish so requests are not guaranteed in a certain time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't get my pattern, what do I do?

Patterns are usually available pretty quickly via direct download. If you can't find please send me a convo or email me at and I'll send it right over to you.

Will you make me a graph?

While I do accept requests, word charts take approx 3-6 hours to complete in addition to the graphing and putting it all together. Therefore at any given time I generally have over 100 requests. I try to do the ones that have more than one person requesting the same thing.

Will you teach me how to graph?

I get asked this a LOT! I'm sorry, but this is my full time job. I really don't have time to "train the competition" so to speak. All I can say is GOOGLE! There are a lot of resources out there.

Will you do a word chart for a graph I already have?

Another question I get asked a lot. I'm sorry but I'm unable to do this. As stated the word charts take 3-6 hours to complete. I would be unable to sell a word chart for someone else's graph in my shop so if I charged an hourly rate it would make the pattern too expensive.

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